The Momento Collections

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The Momento Collections

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Project Description

If a gem could speak, what would it say? If you could save precious memories in a piece of jewelry that you wear every day, what would they be? Momento Jewelry from Galatea makes all of these things possible.

What is Momento Jewelry? It is traditional jewelry that uses 21st century technology. Think of it as a locket that will hold your innermost thoughts and dreams, your memories and your love until the end of time.


Momento is the only fine jewelry in the world with NFC technology. Each piece contains a tiny NFC chip. When used with the Galata app and your smartphone (including iPhone 7 and later models), you can save voice and text messages, images and video links. It’s an extraordinary new way to carry your most precious memories in a piece of fine jewelry you’ll wear every day.

Simply touch your NFC-enabled device to Momento Jewelry to record and retrieve voice and messages, images and videos. You can keep the memories you keep closest to your heart, playing them whenever you wish with just a tap of Momento to a smartphone.


Galatea offers the following Momento Collections:
  • Momento Pearl
  • Momento Gem
  • Momento Diamond (including pendants and engagement rings)
  • The Bible Pearl
  • Momento Wedding Bands
  • Specifications Available in 14K white or yellow gold White freshwater or Tahitian pearl
    Gemstones in Momento Gem include blue topaßz, citrine, garnet and amethyst
    Some designs have diamond accents
    14K white or yellow gold chain included in pendants

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    Imagine 50 years from now, you will say to your daughter, “Every precious moment in your life from the day you were born is in this Momento Jewelry.”

    Chi Huynh

    Artist and Creator