Chi Huynh

The artist whose jewelry merges art, innovation, science and technology, designed to create a happy and spiritual life.


Visual Art






NFC Technology

Momento is the only fine jewelry in the world with NFC technology. Created by Galatea Jewelry by Artist, each piece of Momento jewelry contains a tiny NFC chip. When used with the Galatea Momento App and your smartphone, you can save voice and text messages, images and video links. It’s an extraordinary new way to carry your most precious memories in a piece of fine jewelry you’ll wear every day.



Galatea Jewelry by Artist is actively seeking retail jewelers, line reps and wholesalers who are interested in carrying our line. Galatea has earned an extraordinary number of patents for its jewelry. Touched by the hand of the artist, Galatea jewelry offers incomparable merchandise, sales training, complete merchandising and marketing programs and much more. Contact us at our corporate offices T: 1-(909) 592-0877. E:

Newton's Prism

Decoding the 200 year-old mystery of Dark Spectrum. We explicitly show that Goethe's 'Theory of Colors' interpretation of the color spectrum is wrong using computer simulations of color beams of red, green, and blue going through a prism. Our simulations depend on simple optics – the law of refraction – and trigonometry to trace the rays that make up the beams. We will treat color as an emergent phenomenon: rays of light having two or more wavelengths overlap to produce a specific color as perceived by the human eye. by Chi Huynh (Artist) and Prof. Bassem Sabra (Astrophysicist)




Diamond in a Pearl
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Chi Huynh - Galatea by Artist
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How to write NFC tag

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