The Galatea Pearl Collection

The world’s first cultured pearl with a colored stone nucleus, the Galatea Pearl is a patented cultured pearl, carved by hand to let the color show through. Designated by the GIA as “the Galatea Pearl.”


The Galatea Pearl Collection

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The patented Galatea Pearl from Galatea: Jewelry by Artist, is the world's most unique pearl. Created by nucleating an oyster with a colored stone bead, the pearl is hand-carved after harvesting to expose the color beneath the nacre. Galatea Pearl jewelry is available exclusively from Galatea: Jewelry by Artist. Available in dozens of styles, with or without Diamond in a Pearl settings, Galatea Pearl is truly the most unusual pearl in the world!

Patented by Galatea # US20040112086A1

Specifications 14K white or yellow gold
Hand-carved Tahitian pearls with a colored stone nucleus
Some designs have diamond accents
14K white or yellow gold chain included in pendants

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The colored stone represents the grain of sand and the pearl evokes an aura of courage, love and healing.

Chi Huynh

Artist and Creator