Poem and poetry

Toss a pebble into a pond
Watch the ring of water caressing the shore
I am a child
Each day Mother Earth 
Secretly reveals a new word
Take thousands of hours to gain an ounce of trust
Sell one's soul not to the dust of gold
Dignity overcomes greed
Dignity sets one's spirit roaming free
Catch oneself not in the shadow of an eclipse
An eclipse momentarily comes and goes
But dignity shall remain

I asked an Artist, what is beauty?
He said "Harmony"
I asked a Preacher, what is beauty?
He said "Beauty is in the heart"
Then a butterfly passed by and whispered
"Ssssshhhhh. You will find it in a flower" 


Intellect is a crystal lake that reveals your own reflection
To wash your body, to heal your wounds, and to purify your mind
Intellect is not a clever game of the mind or weapon for deceit
In the crystal lake, you will find truth within yourself
And in the muddy pool you will be lost in your own deception


The young man said “Living without a dream is worthless living”
The older man said "Dreaming it without living it is a worthless dream”
And the awakened said, "When the dream is ended then the living will begin” 


When a man plants a seed with his power and ego, 
he will build a castle touching the sky. 
But he will carry the weight of pride heavily upon his shoulder. 
When a man plants a seed with ambition and fame,
he will ride the tide of life; he will rise and fall like the seasons. 
When a man plants a seed of passion without reason,
the wind will recklessly and restlessly consume him to its endless shore. 
When a man plants a seed of wickedness and deception,
he will be lost in his own tangled web of confusion. 
When a man plants a seed of anger and vengeance,
he will surely find the demons in others he seeks as well as a fearless enemy in the mirror. 
When a man plants a seed of peace,
he should expect to harvest peace not in the world but in him. 
When a man plants a seed of lust,
he will quench the endless thirst with a cup of loneliness that will be meaningless in winter. 
When a man plants a seed of love,
love will grow and blossom without expectations of a harvest. 
A seed of love is a gift that can be given not taken but rather received. 
When a man plants a seed with his hands and body,
he will fill his stomach and keep himself from hunger. 
When a man plants a seed with his body and mind,
he will fill his stomach and shelter his body in the coldest storms of  winter. 
When a man plants a seed with his heart,
he will fill the stomach and heart of another
and he will find comfort and peace with the love that the other fills in him. 
When a man plants a seed without his body, mind and heart but with the invisible spirit, 
the cosmic energy from above,
he will unlock the secret of life in the seed beyond his planning. 
My friend, recognize the seed in your garden.
You will harvest what you sew.


Man suffers and enslaves himself to get more
Man suffers miserably guarding his wealth and things he has gained that may be lost.
Real suffering is sickness and hunger.
I hope you will find happiness in emptiness.