Sept HK Fair Special: Galatea introduces loose hand-carved pearls

Galatea Jewelry Corporation is offering its hand-carved pearls for sale to designers, wholesalers and retailers at the September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair.

Previously, Galatea Carved Pearls were only available in finished Galatea jewellery. Now, manufacturers, designers, wholesalers and retailers may purchase the loose pearls for use in their own designs, the company said.

With wholesales ranging from $22 to $55, the collection includes Tahitian pearls (round and pear-shaped) in sizes from 9mm to 11mm, and white freshwater pearls (round only) from 9mm to 11mm. The pearls are available in over two dozen new carving styles developed by the company exclusively for the wholesale market, Galatea said.

Galatea carved pearls are hand-sculpted using a proprietary process perfected by Galatea over many years, it added. Only hand-tools are used after the original design is drawn on the gem. The miniature “pearl sculptures” are each unique, depending upon the natural contours and colours of each individual pearl to maximise its beauty. Originally used in the Diamond in Pearl Collection, Galatea Carved Pearls are now the focal point of many of the company’s collections, from strands to Queen Beads and the new “Pearlfection” Collection, Galatea said.

Finished pearl jewellery

This year, the company also launched its Galatea Carved Pearls and sterling silver jewellery series. “With over two dozen designs, the look is dramatic and contemporary, and for the first time, Galatea has combined its featured carved pearl product with sterling silver in finished necklaces, bracelets and earrings,” it added. The suggested retail price ranges from $120 to $3,125.

Another unique offering from Galatea is the “Pearlfection” Collection. This jewellery line puts the focus on hand-carved tear-drop shaped Tahitian pearls set in yellow or white 14-karat gold. “Ever the artist, Chi Huynh, creative force and founder of Galatea, has fashioned the pearls into miniature items from nature: Acorns, lotus buds and tulips are all represented, as are free-form, organic pearl-carving styles that accent the unique pear-shaped beauties of the sea,” the company said.

Nine pendants and 11 earring styles were launched recently. The collection carries a suggested retail price ranging from $540 to $1,040.

Huynh founded Galatea in 1994. Today, the company said it manufactures both in the US and Vietnam, and sells to approximately 1,500 retail jewellers throughout the US. Galatea also has distribution in Europe and Asia, it added.
Carved Tahitian Pearls and sterling
silver link chain from Galatea

Galatea Carved Pearls include round
and pear-shaped silhouettes

‘Acorn’ carved Tahitian pearl with a 14-karat gold
leaf pendant by Galatea