Galatea Introduces Momento Diamond Interactive Engagement Ring

Article By: Turquil Lambo June 5, 2015

Galatea: Jewelry by Artist has introduced a trio of Momento Diamond engagement rings that can hold wedding vows, special pictures from that day, texts and web links.

"This is a ring with an extraordinary, hidden difference," says Chi Huynh, Momento's creator and Galatea's owner and creative director. "Imagine being able to wear a ring that will hold your wedding vows, the pictures of your marriage and words of love. This is a ring that will live on forever in the hearts and minds of the bride and her groom."

With Momento NFC technology inside every Momento Diamond ring, it can contain memories that are stored, saved and played back with the touch of the jewelry to an Android phone. The Momento Diamond ring collection will be available in retail stores in Fall 2015.