2014 JCK News

Momento Pearl Jewelry Designs From Galatea

December 17, 2014 by Jennifer Heebner

Galatea founder Chi Huynh has a track record of making groundbreaking jewelry—think of his Diamond in a Pearl and his Queen Bead pearls—and now he’s innovating again with Momento pearls. My colleague Rob Bates interviewed Huynh about the technology—a tiny chip embedded in the pearl that allows buyers to upload a video or a few images—for an article published on Monday, so this post highlights the jewelry designs themselves. The 63-SKU line of jewelry—29 pendants, 26 earrings, and 8 rings—features hand-carved pearls in designs that are unique to the Momento collection, though Huynh will take special orders for carvings from any of his other 48 carved-pearl looks. The jewelry is made in 14k gold, with retail prices starting at just $350. Pieces will ship after Jan. 15, to be in stores in time for Valentine’s Day. In the future, Huynh aims to make any style of Galatea pearl jewelry with the Momento technology for a charge. Both domestic and international orders are pouring in.

Lotus ring in 14k gold with a hand-carved 11 mm Tahitian pearl with Momento technology, $3,120


Pendant necklace in 14k gold with hand-carved rose motif in a white freshwater pearl with 2 mm ruby accents, an 11 mm hand-carved white freshwater briolette pearl, and Momento technology, $560

Earrings in 14k gold with hand-carved rose motifs in white freshwater pearls with 2 mm ruby accents on each, 11 mm hand-carved white freshwater briolette pearls, and Momento technology, $725

Lotus pendant necklace in 14k gold with 12 mm hand-carved pearl with lab-created opal center, 3.5 mm ruby accent, and Momento technology, $1,675.

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